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Setting Up Your Account
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1. Set up a Zapier Account at www.zapier.com & write down the log in credentials – I’ll need these!  

***IMPORTANT*** You HAVE to verify your email address before moving on to the next step. Right now, check your email, click that verify email link Zapier sent you AND IMMEDIATELY LOG INTO ZAPIER. If you don’t log into Zapier after you verify your account, it won’t work. 

2. Please do not send me your Zapier info without confirming AND logging back into Zapier. If I start setting up your account and your email is not verified, it will cause your account to get bumped back to the bottom of the list, which will add another 3 business days to your waiting time. 

3. Sign up for the “Starter Plan” for $29.99

4. Write down your credentials, & you can log out.

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