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Hi! My Name is Melanie Byrne.

Hello, I’m Melanie Byrne – a Femme Boss Realtor® based in Austin, Texas. As a mom, wife, dreamer, and believer, I wholeheartedly believe in YOU. I understand the desire for more, both for yourself and your family. I also know what it’s like to take that courageous leap into the overwhelming and chaotic world of real estate to make those dreams a reality.

During the early stages of my real estate journey, I spent countless hours searching for valuable resources and strategies to implement in my business. My goal was to become a Realtor® so I could have more quality time with my family. However, the reality was quite the opposite as I found myself continuously searching for the assistance and resources I needed.

This led me to question: Where was the one-stop-shop that could provide me with the guidance and resources to grow my business effectively? I craved quality information and support to truly elevate my brand, but it seemed nowhere to be found. That’s when the idea of Femme Boss was born.

My vision for Femme Boss is to offer the support and resources you need to succeed in your real estate business. I want to provide high-quality coaching and valuable tools to help you level-up your game. But more than that, my ultimate goal is to give you back the precious time often lost on the path to real estate success. I want you to spend that time with your loved ones and live a life that truly matters.

With Femme Boss, I aim to be your trusted source of support, guidance, and inspiration. Together, let’s make your real estate journey more rewarding and fulfilling. Join me, and let’s create a business and a life worth cherishing!”


What They Say

Melanie Byrne is amazing! My business social media is so much better because of her talent. She is dedicated to helping all of us scale up our business and frees up time for us to do more things that build our business. I am truly grateful for her time and effort.

-Julie Gormley

Melanie’s work is amazing and perfect. She loves on all of her clients by always upgrading her already spectacular work as well as keeping her prices affordable. I’ve had a ton of compliments on my pages.

- Sherri Sagum

Since using Femme Boss Social people have definitely noticed and I am always getting positive feedback on my social media posts. Money well spent!


- Kari Goddard

Melanie is brilliant with social media marketing!! We look so much more professional with her graphics and reels! We love her!

-Donna Baker