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Spring is here! What better topic to chat about than #realestate, of course?! 🏡
Need a helping hand in finding your #dreamhome this spring? Don’t be shy — shoot me DM and I’ll show you just how easy it is to get started. 🙌


The time change has happened, the weather is warming up, & those flowers are blooming. 🌸 It’s spring..! 🌸 It’s also a perfect time for a #newHOME.🏡 Who’s ready for a fresh start?


👉 “Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love.” – Sitting Bull

Whether selling or buying this is the perfect time to move. Enjoy this Spring where flowers bloom.



Get the right professional Real Estate Agent to get the best results. I’m ready to spring into action for you!


Freshen up your home decor with beautiful spring decorating! What are some of your favorite home decor styles for the spring? Comment below & share the love. 🔽



The spring season brings new life and new hopes to the world. The sun is shining, trees are blooming, bright flowers are popping out of the ground. Which also means…new listings will be popping up, too. 🤗

Will your home be one of those? Spring is here!


It’s “WHAT IS” time! Nothing feels more like spring than flowers.

So, WHAT IS your favorite flower?? __________


Drop your answers down below in the comments.


Hello spring! 😍

How are you living your life in full bloom these days? 🌸


Where is your favorite place to stay in the spring ? 💛💛💛

Drop your answers down below in the comments.


Remember when you asked the question, “When is the best time to buy a home?” and your Realtor responded, “Now!”? 🌸 As I’m sure you’ve seen with our shortage of homes on the market, the time to buy is currently “Yesterday!”

🏡 If you’re thinking about selling your home, your time to sell is “Now!” Don’t miss the boat on this one, or until that answer changes to “Yesterday!”

💵 Interested in selling your home this spring? Let’s get you moving on to better things – Contact me today!


🌸 S-P-R-I-N-G🌸

📱Call me if the winter woes have you wanting to spice up your living situation! 


One of the most enjoyable things about spring is being outside and enjoying your yard after those grueling winter months. Here’s how you can kick off your gardening season!
Raking the yard. Start with a clean canvas by raking those leaves, giving the lawnmower a nice tune-up so it’s ready to go for the spring season. Grab some colorful flowers to plant in pots, and try adding a water feature or an elegant stone walkway to your landscaping. 
You’ll surely be the envy of the neighborhood!


It’s no secret!

Today’s housing market belongs to the SELLERS! Don’t miss the perfect window to sell your home! 🏡📦🔑


🌹Inventory/Competition is low – There are more buyers than homes for sale.
🌼 High prices – More buyers means more competition and a better chance of a bidding war.
🌸 Spring curb appeal – It’s a colorful time of year, use it to your advantage!
🌺 Days are longer – More sunlight means more time for buyers be out & about looking at homes.
🌷Families are anxious to buy now – Parents want to allow enough time for their kids to get used to the new home & neighborhood & are quick to get into a home.


repare your deck for the upcoming festivities!

Start by giving your deck a good scrub or power-wash to remove any dirt or debris. If you don’t have a power washer, rent one from a local hardware store or borrow one from a neighbor or family member. 🏠⁠

Give your outdoor furniture a good spring cleaning by wiping it down with some soap and warm water and/or hosing it down.⁠

Completing these few things will have your outdoor space shining in no time!


Spring is here! Share your favorite place to stay in the spring. 


In most areas, the first two weeks of May are the best time to sell a home. Selling in spring helps you get ahead of a rush of competition that comes in the summer.

Here are a few tips for a successful spring open house:

1. Time It Right

2. Let Your Agent Take the Lead

3. Try Some Simple Staging

4. Clean Like Crazy

5. Do a Smell Check

6. Put Your Pictures (and Valuables) Away

7. Let the Light In

8. Give Your House Some Extra Curb Appeal

9. Draw Attention to Your Home’s Best Features

10. Serve Refreshments

Once you’ve done everything you can to make your house look and feel amazing to buyers — and your agent is on site to assume their hosting duties — the time during your open house is yours to enjoy.

Go to the park, get a three-course lunch, do whatever you like as long as you’re free to take calls in case your agent needs to get ahold of you or buyers have specific questions.


It’s spring time and that means blooming flowers, beautiful trees, and luscious lawns. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your landscaping for yourself or to get your home ready to put on the market – these tips are sure to take your landscaping to the next level without having to break the bank.


Did you know? 👉 Properties with an abundance of natural light have a higher resale value.👈

I have routinely seen bright listings sell for more money than dark listings. Why? I think brightness is more appealing to buyers than darkness. The more natural light a property gets the better!