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The Femme Boss Success Framework 

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Customizable Resources + Mini Courses

everything you need to 

grow your real estate business 

all in ONE place.

My #1 goal is to see you grow your business in half the time. The Femme Boss Success Framework is the blueprint that guides our real estate agents to success no matter what stage their business is in.

It provides a clear, step-by-step pathway showing you exactly what templates to use, how to use them & the strategies that will grow your business

You will get a clear path to success, & the resources, videos, workbooks, checklists, and more all in one central location.

No more searching online for open houses, lead generation, or what you “could” do. No more flipping between browsers, handing over your email for freebies that are a waste of time. We take the guesswork out of building your business-everything is literally here. 

Framework to Success

Stage 1


Focus on building the foundation, or the base, of your business. We guide you through the process of setting up your business for success and give you the tools & strategies to do so. Being intentional in this stage is crucial!

Stage 2


Determine your lead sources + map out your follow up system to convert your leads using our templates. Identify your networking plan & put it on your yearly calendar. Create a nurturing plan for your buyer & sellers using our templates.

Stage 3


Determine your CRM system based on your budget & needs. Learn about the leverage agents use in real estate & when it's applicable in your business. Create your ideal daily schedule by time-blocking & best practices in the biz.

Stage 4


Determine who your ideal client is through guided activities. Narrow your target audience and learn how to market your business using the marketing templates. Create your marketing & build your audience.

Stage 5


You've made it! Automate your business & begin converting your leads naturally & effortlessly. Fine-tune systems in your business & leverage tasks. Consider hiring a VA & scale your business for growth

the femme boss framework = Results

“Just tell me what to do & give me the stuff to do it!”

Sound familiar?

I designed this framework to simplify the process in creating both a successful real estate business and a successful personal life. The problem that we run into is that there are so many strategies you can use, a million different things you can do to grow your business and it’s freaking overwhelming. 

I’m teaching you the gold to growing your real estate business and giving you the templates so you can build a business from bottom to top. Like, errrrrrthang in ONE place! Can someone say, YAY?! It’s about time, right?!

From the idea stage to automating your business – which means – your business runs when you’re not running it, I got you. Each stage is broken down into easy action items. 

Learn, get ‘er done & make that money, sis.

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