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If you are considering shopping for a home this year, here are some things to stay in mind as you begin your home search (even if you are shopping from the comfort of your couch):

1️⃣ Look & consider your budget

2️⃣ Prioritize your wants/needs list

3️⃣ Narrow down a location

4️⃣ Think about potential resale value

5️⃣ Find a great agent you connect with – one who will guide you throughout the entire process.


Buying your very first house is exciting, but can also be trying, and stressful. Let me help take the stress out of the equation and make this a more enjoyable and exciting time for you!


The most popular question so many buyers are thinking about right now…

“When is this seller’s market going to be over!??”

The truth is, unless you’re a psychic, no one knows for sure. However, we can make predictions based on trends and it’s looking like there will continue to be more demand than supply for the rest of this year.

In other words, if you’re holding yourself back from buying due to a seller’s market, don’t wait too long because interest rates may continue to rise and we may still be in a seller’s market a few months from now.


Your most valuable home “features” are often the least-known to buyers.

Did you know that sellers who add more storage space sell faster, have fewer price reductions, and get more money for their home? Show off your storage space, folks!



It’s no surprise that staging sells, and it can be beneficial no matter the price of the home! A quick tip for those looking to stage their home themselves- try adding symmetry. 

People love having symmetry in everyday life as it gives them a sense of calmness and order. Adding it into your staging plan will create a design that many will love and will want to copy when they move in! 

My favorite hack for the bedroom is to add two of the same nightstands next to the bed and two of the same lights. 

Staging is always about emotions, doesn’t this picture make you feel calm?


Certain renovations may attract people to your home, however, they might not add value when you decide to list your home on the market. 

Here are 4 things that many people would think add value, but usually don’t:

1. Solar Panels- it’s the year 2021 and green technology such as Tesla solar panels are a big wish list for many. However, you will not get back the money spent installing them if you decide to add them before selling your home. 

2. Pools- depending on where you live, adding a pool may not increase the price of your home. In colder climates, people do not want to have the task of taking care of it however, if you live in a warmer climate such as Florida of Texas, it could pay off. 

3. New Windows- Unless there is major damage to your windows that’s causing a leak or too much air to flow in, you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars replacing perfectly good windows. 

4. Room Conversions- I get it, we see fixer-uppers converting two small rooms into one big one and we think it’s a great idea. However, leaving the room as it is will allow the buyers to choose what they want to do with that room. They may want to convert it into an office themselves, instead of having one large room. 

What do you think of these features, are they on your want list?





Just don’t do it! The worst thing you can do is overprice your home. 


1. Overpricing your home actually helps your competition because you end up making their lower price seem a lot more attractive. 


2. You also end up losing a chunk of initial prospective buyers who could have been interested in the price range that your home will eventually end up selling for. These are the buyers who will never see your home because the price is above their pre-set budget. 


3. Inevitably, you’ll end up needing to reduce the price after having it sit on the market for longer than it should, which in turn, is less appealing to buyers as they assume something is wrong with the property.


#Realestatetip Making renovations and upgrades to your home that will improve its resale value are important, but what are the best home improvements to undertake?


While buyers generally focus on the upgrades of a kitchen and the bathrooms, here are a few other home upgrades that provide a great return on investment.


1. Painting

2. Flooring

3. Window/door replacement

4. Recreation room addition

5. Basement renovation

6. Garage Construction

7. Fireplace

8. Furnace/Heating system upgrade


Remember it’s always a good idea to talk with your trusted real estate agent before tackling any of these. You may not even need to invest any money in these depending on the current market!


You’ve shared your home with the world and now it’s time to face those showings like a boss!


Here’s the thing, if you’ve cleaned, decluttered, and cleaned again, you’re already well on your way to impressing prospective buyers the moment they step inside your home.


When the showings come (and they totally will!), stay calm, cool, and collected with these six tips:


🔸Have a plan. Sellers are calling the shots these days, don’t be afraid to put a 1-2 hour showing notice with your home. In the case you only have a few minutes, you can throw that laundry & those small toys in a bin shoved in a garage OR even throw them in your car with you! Flush the toilet, run the vacuum, & you’re done!

🔸Be sure to give buyers their space. A lot of times, buyers want to envision themselves in the home and it’s difficult to do when sellers are lingering by. Let’s not make it weird – unless it’s a dire emergency where you have to be present, it’s best to leave the showings to the buyers agent.

🔸Neutral is best. Grab a few neutral pillows, throw blankets, & baskets for easy stowing.

🔸Clear the counters. Cluttered counters are the worst. Maintain clear and clean counters throughout the home by storing appliances & toiletries in cabinets & taking down personal photos.

🔸Don’t forget Spot & Sylvester. While you love your furry family members, unfortunately, not every buyer will. Take them with you, make plans to board them for the first weekend on the market, or you can even ask a friendly neighbor to help out with “animal-sitting”. Be sure wherever your furry friends go, they’re out of sight – and sound – for showings.

🔸This one’s a biggie! Take out the trash. Make sure all garbage is in its right place meaning, away from buyers’ noses. 


Curious what remodeling jobs have the best return on investment? Here’s the latest from the Remodeling Impact Report:


1. New roofing 107% ROI

2. New hardwood flooring 106% ROI

3. Hardwood floor refinish 100% ROI

4. New garage door 95% ROI

5. HVAC replacement 85% ROI

6. Insulation upgrade 83% ROI

7. New fiber-cement siding 76% ROI

8. New steel front door 75% ROI


Are you considering  remodeling your home for the market? Wondering what buyers are looking for in your area? Reach out to me before you spend a penny and let’s chat! ☺️


Quick home refresh #tip! Swap out your lightbulbs! 💡


Consider switching out your lightbulbs. Lighting plays a huge role in the look and feel of your home.


Experiment with different temperatures and layers of light, you may find it’ll completely transform the room! 


Selling you home? Be sure to pay attention to those details! Believe it or not, buyers notice things such as a toilet lid being raised, dirty showers or tubs, dirty rugs or carpeting that is in need a good cleaning. Details matter. You want to make sure that your home is memorable for prospective buyers, and in a good way.


Considering selling your home? Contact me & I’ll make sure we get your home market ready, details & all!


What’s included in a minor bathroom remodel? Typically you will replace the tub, flooring, the toilet, sink, vanity & update any outdated fixtures. This will give your outdated bathroom a welcoming and beautiful facelift!


Calling all sellers! 

Today’s sellers’ market might be your best opportunity to make a move. If you’re considering selling your 🏠house, give me a call today and I’ll tell you just how much you can get for you home in today’s market. 


Have you heard? The market is on 🔥 and there’s a shortage of homes to buy! 

If you’re ready to sell here are a few simple tips that can help to get your home sold quickly.


Home Staging is a decorating method intended to highlight a home’s most impressive assets and allow buyers to imagine that they have moved in and lived there. According to the National Association of Realtors, staged homes sell quicker and for more money!


Selling your home is a big decision. It may not be as straightforward as you might think. That’s why Real Estate Agents exist.


To help you every step of the way.


It’s SELLING Season! 🌳__🏡__🌳


Good news! If you haven’t done your taxes yet, you now have an extra month to get them filed. More good news! If you sold your home in 2020 (or plan to in 2021), here are five tax deductions that may be of interest to you. 
Be sure to keep track of the costs of the updates or improvement you do, any documentation of legal fees, and all other documents relating to the sale of your home. 

You’ll thank me when this saves you a ton of time & money next time you file! 


If you’re planning to sell in 2021, the time is NOW! Even if your ideal listing timeline is months away, it’s never too early to start getting your home ready for the market.

Here’s why:
1. The unpredictability of life. If last year taught us anything, it’s to be flexible. Getting your home ready now means you’ll be ready to list your home no matter what curveball life throws your way.⁣⁣
2. Less stressful. Nothing is more stressful (& exhausting) than scrambling to try and get your home ready for the market. The cleaning, decluttering, and repairing alone can be insane. However, when time is a luxury, it can help eliminate a lot of the stress.⁣⁣
3. You’ll net the most amount of money for your home. Getting your home ready a little bit at a time means you’ll have everything ready & perfected the second your home goes live on the market!⁣⁣
Looking for a real estate agent to help you get your home ready to sell? Shoot me a message and let’s begin the conversation!✨


Real Estate Tips & Terms! 😉

Let’s talk repairs!
Before listing your home, you are going to  want to make sure everything is in the best condition possible. Buyers are bog on first impressions so it’s important to make a good one. Start by completing minor fix-ups and repairs such as replacing cracked windows or if you want to go all out, you can even update your kitchen!
Ready to review that to-do list with your favorite real estate agent? Give me a call!


So many questions. I’ve got the answers! 


Before you decide to renovate your home 🏠 connect with me to see if that is your best course of action! It may turn out that putting your house on the market “as-is” is the best option for you to end up netting you the most amount of money for your home. 💯


Q: Is now the time to sell?
A: YES, YES, YES! Here’s the deal. The best time to list your home was yesterday…the next best time? Today — or as soon as we can get the paperwork together!

Here’s why:

🏡 Inventory is at an all-time low
🏡 Demand is at an all-time high
🏡 Interest rates are low, low, low

All of this translates to netting more money for your home. Want even more good news? In today’s market, we are seeing in most areas, multiple offers, quick sales,  & selling prices way above the asking price.

If you or someone you know is considering selling their home, the time is NOW. 


It’s no secret!

Today’s housing market belongs to the SELLERS! Don’t miss the perfect window to sell your home! 🏡📦🔑


🌹Inventory/Competition is low – There are more buyers than homes for sale.
🌼 High prices – More buyers means more competition and a better chance of a bidding war.
🌸 Spring curb appeal – It’s a colorful time of year, use it to your advantage!
🌺 Days are longer – More sunlight means more time for buyers be out & about looking at homes.
🌷Families are anxious to buy now – Parents want to allow enough time for their kids to get used to the new home & neighborhood & are quick to get into a home.


Ready to get your home sold for top dollar? 


The key to success on BOTH ends is having a realtor to guide you through:⁣⁠⁠
• Getting your home ready for the market & pricing it appropriately
• Strategic negotiations of contracts
• Carefully executed contingencies
• ⁣Financing variable⁠⁠
• Time-sensitive components
If you find yourself on both sides of a real estate transaction at the same time, having a well-qualified real estate agent on your side will ensure each transaction is as stress-free one that results in a huge smile on your face & keys to your brand new home!


Did you know?  

95% of buyers said their furry friends play a role in selecting a home.  

Here’s a guide to help you maintain a great first impression for buyers if you have furry friends at home. 



Pricing your home correctly is the most important factor when you’re selling your house. Never overprice the property because you’ll lose the freshness of the home’s appeal after the first two to three weeks of showings.

You can end up losing potential buyers and sit on the market for an extended period. Price is right for a better opportunity to sell quickly and sell for more.



Borrowing against your equity can be a way to get some quick cash to pay for renovations or to pay off debts, but take into consideration how long you’ll be living in your home. You don’t want to make the mistake of borrowing more than you need or make a decisions that could put your house at risk for foreclosure. 




Good staging is “a form of visual merchandising that draws on some of the fundamentals of interior design.”

Good staging lets the buyers imagine themselves in the home; shows off its good features and hides its flaws; turns weird spaces into usable spaces; creates a mood and makes the home looks significantly better in photos. 



If you want to attract more buyers when you list your home for sale. These are some easy curb appeal tips that will help you in selling your home.

Contact me today to learn how I can help you sell your home for top dollar, fast! 




Should I sell my home now or wait? 

Here are a few things to consider if you find yourself asking that question! Curious what your home is worth? 

Give me a call and I will give you a complimentary market analysis of your home.



Need some extra help bringing light into your living space? 💡

Buyers today want a bright, well-lit and cheerful home. This means you need to maximize the amount of light coming into your house, and you need to enhance that light once it enters your home. This can be done in several ways that do not have to cost a lot of money.

Make sure all of your windows are clean and consider removing the screens to make things look clearer.

Cut back any overgrown bushes in front of windows to allow the most light in, and invest in some sheer drapes or do away with the drapes altogether.

If your wall colors are excessively dim, you may want to throw on a fresh coat of light-colored paint.

All of these things can be done pretty easily and will make your home look inviting instead of intimidating. In real estate light, neutral colors sell well – unusual exotic colors do not!




Staging a bathroom and getting it photo-ready is not always an easy task. The bathroom serves a vital function, making it one of the most important parts of any home, but space itself is often less than glamorous. If you want to put the bathroom in its best light, you need to go above and beyond. Here are 6 tips to get your bathroom photo-ready:

  1. Use Angles to Make a Small Space Look Bigger
  2. Hide the Toiletries
  3. Clean and Polish Mirrors and Other Surfaces
  4. Put Out Your Best Towels
  5. Make Sure the Toilet Seat is Down
  6. Add a Potted Plant or Vase of Flowers



Selling a home can sometimes be a full-time job for sellers, too, to keep a house spic and span for home showings.

I remind sellers they have to get up early, they have to make their beds and put the dishes in the dishwasher. If they want to get top dollar for their house, it has to be in tip top condition!




Due to the coronavirus, more people now realize the importance of having a dedicated workspace at home. In addition, exercising from home has become increasingly popular. 🏋️‍♀️

If you have an insulated garage, spare bedroom, or unfinished basement, you could transform them into a usable space. This could even boost your home value.



If you’re thinking about making any big changes to your home before it hits the market, you may want to think again. With home sales trending upward, and inventory reaching an all-time low, those small cosmetic fixes and repairs may be unnecessary. 

At the same time, though, you should fix obvious issues with your home that could send buyers running. 

Be sure to address issues that aren’t as obvious at first sight. If your home’s electrical isn’t up to code, that’s something a home inspector is apt to discover. Rather than wait for that to happen and risk a deal falling through, make that fix ahead of time.



What are some “Must Do” repairs and upgrades to do when it comes to getting your home ready for the market? 

1. Paint is one of the cheapest, easiest ways to update the look of your home before you list it. And you don’t need to be a professional painter to make this work for you, either. Watch a few videos online, pick your colors and go to town!

2. The exterior is the first thing buyers will see, so you want it to look good. Replace missing fence boards, add sod if the yard is looking the worse for wear, and clean up any junk that may have accumulated in the yard or on the outside of any storage sheds.

3. Update the kitchen – Paint as necessary, install new fixtures and replace the countertops to something more appealing (granite and marble are not a requirement for an updated look).

4. A clean bathroom – one where everything works as it should – is a necessity. If you have a problem with a running toilet or a leaky faucet, make repairs as necessary. You can cause the toilet look much better just by replacing the seat.



🤔 If you’re thinking of selling your home you don’t miss out on the exclusive opportunity to make a ton of money without doing anything. 💵



❓Got questions? No need to hit up Google 💻, I’ve got the answers! 🙋‍♀️.



Hiring a professional real estate agent can make all the difference between selling your home quickly and selling your home at all. 🏠



The real estate market is changing on the daily! It’s important to understand the real estate market backwards and forwards when you’re selling your home, and that my friend, is where I come in. 



Your home wants you to make it pretty, but you don’t know where to start or what to do?

Here’s a simple checklist that will your place looking like a super model for photos in no time! 🌸



Tip of the day!🏡

CURB APPEAL- don’t skip it! Curb appeal can make a BIG difference in how welcoming your property feels.

If the front yard is manicured buyers will feel that the inside has also been cared for. I know, I know…don’t judge a book by its cover BUT in this case, you want your “cover” to be an indication of what’s inside.



You deserve to live in a beautiful, well-designed home that reflects your lifestyle and meets all of your needs.

Let’s talk! I will make it easier to sell your home and find you your next. 🏡📦🔑



🏠  is where the ❤️  is and this agent wants to help you find yours! 



Preparing your home for the market is essential to when you start looking for a new place. But how much should home sellers really do?

Here are a few easy things you can do to spruce up your home and get it ready for the market. 



Should you stage your home?

For now, here is the real impact of home staging in our area:

🏡 Homes staged before going on the market sell in 53% less time!

🏡 52% of seller’s agents say staging increases the dollar value of a home (including us!)

🏡 93% of buyer’s agents said staging affects the buyer’s view of the home.

Staging makes a huge impact on the sale of your home! Stay tuned for more details about how we use home staging to sell homes faster and for more competitive prices.



If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, shoot me an email and let’s chat. I can help answer any questions you might have, and find out whether purchasing a new home is the right choice for you.



Are you motivated to sell? I have a few recommendations to sell your home quickly. 



Some quick tips when it comes time to sell your home. There are 100+ things that go into getting your home market-ready and sold and I’ll do most of the work for you! 🤔✨



Buying a home is one of the biggest investments we make in life. So, naturally, when it comes time to sell your home it can be a stressful venture, to say the least.

Here are some common things to avoid in hopes of selling your home quickly and getting a good price.



Getting ready to sell your home? What you find cozy others may find cluttered. 🏠🏠🏡