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New Year, New House? Who’s ready?!


New Year, New Home! Why not both?!


What will be written for you this week?Share your plans below! 🗝


That decision could be buying a new home.

Who’s ready to get searching?


Common Question Alert: To buy a home or to rent? 

Buying a home is probably one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make of your adult life. 

There are many factors to take into consideration when thinking about buying a home; your finances, your neighborhood/location preference, future plans, the current market, etc. 

Want to chat about all of the other pros with a pro? Let’s grab coffee & I’ll help you determine if you’re ready to go down the road of homeownership. 🗝🏠


Good news! If you haven’t done your taxes yet, you now have an extra month to get them filed. More good news! If you sold your home in 2020 (or plan to in 2021), here are five tax deductions that may be of interest to you. 
Be sure to keep track of the costs of the updates or improvement you do, any documentation of legal fees, and all other documents relating to the sale of your home. 

You’ll thank me when this saves you a ton of time & money next time you file! 


A solid foundation, functional layout, & good bones of a home is important but the list doesn’t stop there! In 2021 home buyers have a different mantra: Buyers want it all, and they want it under budget. If you had to choose, what would be your dream homes #1 must have?
A) Chef’s Kitchen
B) Space that Flows
C ) Home Office
D ) Walk-in Closets
E) A “Man Cave”