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First Time Homebuyer? Here are a few pieces of advice that could help you out in this challenging sellers market!


Our parents may have told us to never buy a car brand new, but what about a brand new house? Do you love the thought of living somewhere no one has ever lived before, or are you attracted to a home with charm and history? If you’re on the fence, take these notes into consideration to determine if a new construction home is right for you. 

You might want to go the new build route if…

 1. You want to personalize- Since the home hasn’t been built yet you have the option to put your own designer’s touch into it such as changing the backsplash or adding your favorite flooring.

 2. You are okay with spending money on upgrades- unfortunately, the base price of a new build does not come with all the upgrades you may see in the photos. If you aren’t looking to spend more on upgrades, then you can easily opt-out however once you start building your dream home it could be hard to stop! 

3. You want an energy-efficient home- Most new builds will be equipped with energy-efficient appliances and lighting. This can save you MAJOR money on utilities every month. 

4. You are okay with less negotiation- You will not be able to negotiate much on a new construction home, however this could benefit those who are not looking to get into a multiple offer situation especially in a seller’s market. What are your thoughts on new builds? Do you love them? 


The short answer is YES. ✨ Skipping a home inspection on a new build might be tempting since it was just built. “It’s brand new, what could possibly be wrong?” 🤷‍♀️

Unfortunately, not all builders are the same and sometimes contractors will get the job done in a short period of time which can easily lead to mistakes. 

🛑 Mistakes could be 🛑:

▪️ Appliances not installed correctly

▪️ Flooring issues 

▪️ Cracks in the drywalll 

▪️ Driveway cracks

▪️ Draining issues

 The list can go on! Home inspections should be done whether the home is 100 years old, or brand new. If there are errors in the builders work, it can be negotiated and fixed so you’re moving into a well built MOVE-IN READY home! 



Let me know in the comments if you would buy or build your first home? 🏠


The stages of home building!

The first stage of homebuilding is an exciting one with several important milestones. 

Foundation & Framing: This is one of the most important stages of construction. All of our foundations are designed by a licensed professional engineer and are inspected by a technical representative of the engineer before and during concrete placement. After the foundation is in place, the structure is ready to be framed, a process that normally takes one to two weeks.

Sheetrock: This is an exciting stage. Finally, your home is beginning to look less like a construction project and more like a home.

During this stage:
  • The sheetrock, also called drywall, is installed.
  • It is then taped and floated to cover fastener holes and seams.

Last stage is your home completion! Once the interior of your home is complete, finishing touches are made on the outside. Then it’s time to transition the home over to you, its new owners! 


Whether you’re building a house from the ground up or are customizing a prefabricated unit in an existing development or building, most new construction homes feature builder-grade products.
Unless your contract says otherwise, there’s a good chance everything from your doorknobs to your light fixtures will be builder-grade, which means basic materials and lower quality than possible upgraded options.
For this reason, many people who purchase new construction homes choose to upgrade their properties’ features during the building process.
To get a sense of how much money you may need to allocate toward upgrades, ask your builder for an opportunity to view finished models. From there, you can compare what you see to what’s specifically called out in your contract.


With housing inventory being at an all time low, there has been an uptick in people wanting to build the home of their dreams. This month, I’ll be highlighting New Home Construction by sharing tips and the pros/cons when building a home versus purchasing a resale home.
When buying a new construction home, you get to customize the house to suit your needs. You won’t worry about having to retrofit an existing house with the amenities that you are looking for.
Instead, you can have them built right into the house from the get-go. However, it’s important to make a plan mapping out those needs before heading into the sales office with your Real Estate agent.


new construction or building a home? 


🚨 New Construction Tip 🚨

There are some incredible apps out there you can use to plan out your new home. Design a floor plan or see how you can arrange the furniture in your up and coming home.

These are great tools you can use when deciding what floor plan works best for your needs!


It’s New Construction Tip Time! 

Pinterest is a great resource to use when building a home. You have the option to create boards for the different rooms in your home where you can save decor ideas that will come in handy at the design center.