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Melanie Byrne

I am Melanie Byrne – a Femme Boss Realtor® based out of Austin, Texas. I am a mom, a wife, a dreamer, & a believer, and I believe in YOU. I know what it’s like to want more for yourself, for your family, and what it’s like to finally take that terrifying jump to make those dreams happen into the overwhelming & chaotic world of real estate. At the beginning of my real estate journey, so much of my time was spent searching for useful resources & then searching some more on how to use those resources & implement those strategies in my business. My goal was to become a Realtor® so that I could spend more time with my family & what I was doing, was actually the opposite because I was spending so much of my time searching for quality help and quality resources. 


Where was the one-stop-shop that could help me? Just tell me what to do, give me the resources I can use for my brand and I’ll do it. There wasn’t one. I needed quality resources & quality information to help me grow my business like a business & it was nowhere to be found. Thus, Femme Boss was born. 


My hope is that Femme Boss is the support you need for your real estate business that provides quality resources and coaching to help you level-up your business game. More importantly, I hope Femme Boss gives you back that time that is often spent on that journey of real estate success so that you can spend it with those you love & live a life worth living!


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You’re a female real estate agent who’s ready to stand out with stylish & strategic marketing material tailored to your brand.

You are needing proven strategies & coaching to level up your real estate business.

You’re ready to build your real estate empire with useful, quality resources at a low, affordable price & gain back your most valuable asset – your time!

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