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Never think of a caption to write, social media
content to use, or marketing to create ever again!

Automated Social Media content that is customized to your individual brand.

Femme Boss posts branded content to both your instagram and facebook account 5x a week.

Your content is customized to your individual brand with your colors, name, headshot, brokerage logo and anything else you want to include. 100% automated so you can spend your time selling houses & not being a content creator. 


Yes! We post Reels to your Instagram Business page 3 times a week. All automated!

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  • Customizable Social Media Posts & Captions
  • Reels/Story Templates
  • Buyer/Seller Presentations
  • Social Media Auto-Posting to your business page
  • Branding Bundles
  • Email Campaigns
  • Lead Generation Courses
  • Pre-Made Blogs
  • New content added each month
  • & so much more!

We Have Our OWN Design Center!

➤  No switching to other apps or websites to customize your designs.

➤  Easy to use, Drag & Drop capability & fully customizable to your brand.

➤ Connects to Facebook & Instagram for easy access to your photos!

➤  Access to thousands of professional stock photos.

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Sharpen Your Skills on Lead Generation

hello, fellow agent! 

I’m Melanie!

I am thrilled to (virtually) meet you!

👇 Does this sound like you right now?👇

You’re trying so hard to grow your real estate business –

 You’re feeling lost, unorganized, overwhelmed with trying to manage your time, create real estate content, content for your listings, resources for clients, posts for social media, how to lead generate, and…try to fit in a moment for yourself. 

If any of those resonate with you, know that you are in the right place, because…

I built this place for you!

Femme Boss is full of resources, templates, & coaching that will move you from a business that controls you, to you controlling your business. Take the guess work out of your job & get your time back, with the Femme Boss Membership.