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If you are considering shopping for a home this year, here are some things to stay in mind as you begin your home search (even if you are shopping from the comfort of your couch):

1️⃣ Look & consider your budget

2️⃣ Prioritize your wants/needs list

3️⃣ Narrow down a location

4️⃣ Think about potential resale value

5️⃣ Find a great agent you connect with – one who will guide you throughout the entire process.


Buying your very first house is exciting, but can also be trying, and stressful. Let me help take the stress out of the equation and make this a more enjoyable and exciting time for you!


Spring is here! What better topic to chat about than #realestate, of course?! 🏡
Need a helping hand in finding your #dreamhome this spring? Don’t be shy — shoot me DM and I’ll show you just how easy it is to get started. 🙌


I have the perfect cocktail recipe 😜.


When you set a goal it’s always good to put a timeline on it. If a goal of yours is to buy a house one day, here’s an estimated timeline of the process made just for you!


The Pre-Approval 💰: 24-48hrs (For some, this step can take longer depending on if you need to work on credit, pay off debt, or save money for a deposit)


Home Searches 🔍: 1-3 months (This step can take anywhere from 1-3+ months depending on the market and your expectations of the perfect home. Be patient, it’ll happen!)


Closing 🏠🔑: 30-45 days (Average is about 30 days, but this can be quicker depending on the documents you’ve already sent your lender before the contract was accepted, or if you’re paying cash, it can be as quick as a few days!)


 In the world of real estate, it’s always important to remember to be patient and flexible for a possible delay here in here. Hopefully, this timeline gives you a little bit of an idea of what your can expect throughout the timing of the buying process.


If you have any questions you can always reach out to me!


Using an emoji, tell us  – how many homes did you look at before you said “I do!” to the perfect house?👇


New Year calls out for new beginnings!
Start the year with freshness and celebrations in your new dream home with me. 🤗


Spring Season = Selling Season🏡


Homebuyers have no plans to slow down this spring. If you’ve been following this crazy market lately, you know it’s for good reason! We are seeing record-low 📉 mortgage rates, an increase in equity🔝, and appreciating homes at exponential prices 💰.


Whether you’re ready to jump into a home search or considering selling your current home, I can help. 📲 Contact me today!


Let’s hear it 🤔


#Realestatetip Making renovations and upgrades to your home that will improve its resale value are important, but what are the best home improvements to undertake?


While buyers generally focus on the upgrades of a kitchen and the bathrooms, here are a few other home upgrades that provide a great return on investment.


1. Painting

2. Flooring

3. Window/door replacement

4. Recreation room addition

5. Basement renovation

6. Garage Construction

7. Fireplace

8. Furnace/Heating system upgrade


Remember it’s always a good idea to talk with your trusted real estate agent before tackling any of these. You may not even need to invest any money in these depending on the current market!


The love language summary of the home buying process 💙.




Just don’t do it! The worst thing you can do is overprice your home. 


1. Overpricing your home actually helps your competition because you end up making their lower price seem a lot more attractive. 


2. You also end up losing a chunk of initial prospective buyers who could have been interested in the price range that your home will eventually end up selling for. These are the buyers who will never see your home because the price is above their pre-set budget. 


3. Inevitably, you’ll end up needing to reduce the price after having it sit on the market for longer than it should, which in turn, is less appealing to buyers as they assume something is wrong with the property.


Let’s find you a wall.


It’s always a little too early in the day for some math, right?! Here’s a solution: just call your #RealEstateAgent. There, problem solved! 😂


I will help you sell stress-free ✨✨ .


 Are you happy in your current home? 🤔🏡


Why stress when I can make the process simple for you? 🤗


Buying a home is exciting & shouldn’t be hard! 


TIP: Before you start looking for that perfect home, consider the pros and cons of different types of homes.


Condo, Townhome, or Single-Family Home? A condominium or townhome may be more affordable than a single-family home, but keep in mind, if privacy is of importance to you, shared walls with neighbors can sometimes translate into less privacy.


Need help weighing those pros & cons? It would be my absolute pleasure to assist you.


Let’s talk good news about the buying process, shall we?


A recent survey found that right now that buyer’s remorse is rare #noregrets. If anything, we are finding our buyers to be quite thankful they purchased a home sooner rather than later, especially in this quickly appreciating market. 


Questions? Shoot me a message to learn why today’s market is so promising for homebuyers.


Saving up to buy a home? Here are three tips that can help you save:


1) Attack that debt: Begin with your smallest debts and work your way up to the largest. This is called “The Snowball Method” and it has been proven to work wonders!


2) Create an emergency fund: This is typically three to six months of expenses in case of emergencies. This way, if something comes up you won’t have to dip into that new home fund you’ve worked so hard to build up.


3) Establish your goal/wants: Make a list of the ideal neighborhoods, features you would want in a home, & then work with an experienced real estate agent & lender to set a realistic budget. If you’re getting a mortgage, aim for a monthly payment of no more than 25% of your monthly take-home pay. 


Calling all sellers! 

Today’s sellers’ market might be your best opportunity to make a move. If you’re considering selling your 🏠house, give me a call today and I’ll tell you just how much you can get for you home in today’s market. 


How important is curb appeal, really?


Truth be told, first impressions are important, especially in real estate. When a potential buyer pulls up to your home, you want them to feel invited & delighted! You don’t want them feeling turned off before they even step out of the car. 


Seller #TIP:

Don’t stress out about dropping a ton of cash on redoing your landscaping. You can start by ensuring you’re giving a well-kept impression by keeping your grass and hedges neatly trimmed and watered. Check to see if the paint on your shutters needs updating (it’s not all about just the landscaping!). Tidy up your front door and replace or get rid of any outdated or old furniture. Add a pop of color with a few flowers and you’re all set!


As a professional real estate agent, it’s my job to keep you updated on the latest housing trends!


Let’s check out 3 trends we are seeing in 2021!


1. Home Offices – This one is of no surprise! More people are working from home now more than ever, which means that the demands and expectations for a home office has increased. 💻


2. Outdoor Living Spaces – Using outdoor spaces for dining, cooking, and even a little R & R has become more common. 🌴


3. Recreational Home Spaces- We are seeing dining or living rooms being transformed into game rooms, media rooms, child play areas, and even in-home gyms. 🎮


Have you heard? The market is on 🔥 and there’s a shortage of homes to buy! 

If you’re ready to sell here are a few simple tips that can help to get your home sold quickly.


Showing Your Home to Sell 💫


You’ve shared your home with the world and now it’s time to face those showings like a boss!


Here’s the thing, if you’ve cleaned, decluttered, and cleaned again, you’re already well on your way to impressing prospective buyers the moment they step inside your home.


When the showings come (and they totally will!), stay calm, cool, and collected with these six tips:


🔸Have a plan. Sellers are calling the shots these days, don’t be afraid to put a 1-2 hour showing notice with your home. In the case you only have a few minutes, you can throw that laundry & those small toys in a bin shoved in a garage OR even throw them in your car with you! Flush the toilet, run the vacuum, & you’re done!

🔸Be sure to give buyers their space. A lot of times, buyers want to envision themselves in the home and it’s difficult to do when sellers are lingering by. Let’s not make it weird – unless it’s a dire emergency where you have to be present, it’s best to leave the showings to the buyers agent.

🔸Neutral is best. Grab a few neutral pillows, throw blankets, & baskets for easy stowing.

🔸Clear the counters. Cluttered counters are the worst. Maintain clear and clean counters throughout the home by storing appliances & toiletries in cabinets & taking down personal photos.

🔸Don’t forget Spot & Sylvester. While you love your furry family members, unfortunately, not every buyer will. Take them with you, make plans to board them for the first weekend on the market, or you can even ask a friendly neighbor to help out with “animal-sitting”. Be sure wherever your furry friends go, they’re out of sight – and sound – for showings.

🔸This one’s a biggie! Take out the trash. Make sure all garbage is in its right place meaning, away from buyers’ noses. 


Curious what remodeling jobs have the best return on investment? Here’s the latest from the Remodeling Impact Report:


1. New roofing 107% ROI

2. New hardwood flooring 106% ROI

3. Hardwood floor refinish 100% ROI

4. New garage door 95% ROI

5. HVAC replacement 85% ROI

6. Insulation upgrade 83% ROI

7. New fiber-cement siding 76% ROI

8. New steel front door 75% ROI


Are you considering  remodeling your home for the market? Wondering what buyers are looking for in your area? Reach out to me before you spend a penny and let’s chat! ☺️


Quick home refresh #tip! Swap out your lightbulbs! 💡


Consider switching out your lightbulbs. Lighting plays a huge role in the look and feel of your home.


Experiment with different temperatures and layers of light, you may find it’ll completely transform the room! 


Selling you home? Be sure to pay attention to those details! Believe it or not, buyers notice things such as a toilet lid being raised, dirty showers or tubs, dirty rugs or carpeting that is in need a good cleaning. Details matter. You want to make sure that your home is memorable for prospective buyers, and in a good way.


Considering selling your home? Contact me & I’ll make sure we get your home market ready, details & all!


What’s included in a minor bathroom remodel? Typically you will replace the tub, flooring, the toilet, sink, vanity & update any outdated fixtures. This will give your outdated bathroom a welcoming and beautiful facelift!


Having the correct mindset when finding your dream home is one of the most important pieces of the home buying puzzle. 


What’s was your reason for buying your first home? Share in the comments below!