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Your May Market Update, courtesy of yours truly! 


Or you could invest in Real Estate! 


We all know those people who somehow manage to make tons of money on Airbnb, just by being awesome hosts, right? The type who casually slip in the fact that Airbnb “basically paid for” their vacation.

There are lots of things to bear in mind when you first start out as an Airbnb host. Understanding the most common Airbnb do’s and don’ts can help you improve and boost your listings.

  • Don’t slack on the listing.
  • Do have trust in your guests.
  • Don’t overdo it on the rules.
  • Do respect your guests’ privacy.
  • Don’t bother buying elaborate gifts.
  • Do spring for the little extras.
  • Don’t overlook the small details.
  • Leave your guests plenty of information on what to do in the area.
  • Clean! Clean! Clean!
Got all that? Now go give your Airbnb listing some TLC so the money can start rolling in for you, too!


There has been a lot changing recently in the Real Estate world.
Have your concerns or questions changed as well?
Don’t hold back – what are your current concerns about the housing market? 


I’m no Sherlock Holmes, but I have a feeling there’s a secret message in here… 🧐


This is for all of my visual learners! If you’re thinking about buying, selling, or investing in Real Estate, this chart will definitely help you in taking that very first step. 📲


Happy Motivation Monday, Friends! ✨ What does this quote mean to you? ✨


There’s a difference between a clean house and a “showing ready” house. The latter has to sparkle – no exceptions. 

Here are some quick tips that will help get your home sparkling in under a hour.

  • Put the majority of your personal items like photos and any bold decor, such as abstract art, into a storage container.
  • Let in natural light. It’s an easy and powerfully effective way to brighten a room, even if it is cloudy outside.
  • Take a few minutes to make sure closet doors are closed, toilet lids are down, and cabinet drawers are shut.
  • Empty your trash and scoop the litter box every day. You may not notice odors or smells in your own home, but someone new to your home definitely will.
  • Spend 15-20 minutes a day picking up the house, so if there is a showing scheduled, it’ll be easy to tidy up.
  • List with a professional who can listen to your needs during the selling process and ensure it as stress-free as possible.  


I have noticed some gorgeous lighting recently while showing homes to my buyers. These are a few styles I’ve seen ranging from a rustic look to a very modern style.

Which one is your favorite? 


Raise your hand if you read that in a Morgan Freeman voice? 😂


First impressions do matter, especially when selling a home.

Professional photography will give your home the best opportunity for a positive first impression online and will get buyers to your property.

Curb appeal will ensure that those 63% who have made it to the property, will want to go inside.


✨ What are your biggest tips for ensuring you are running the day, and the day isn’t running you? Sharing is caring, folks – comment below! ✨


There is something about a clean and clutter-free home that makes you feel calm and relaxed. Even if you’re not selling your home, it’s always a good idea to try and clear the clutter.
Here are a few tips you can implement to get your home from cluttered to clear:
  1. Clear off all flat surfaces—and keep them clean! …
  2. Pick a decluttering strategy that best suits your lifestyle.
  3. Make the most of underutilized storage spaces.
  4. Don’t wait for spring cleaning season! 
  5. Ask yourself what items you actually use—and ditch the rest!
  6. Designate a place for the clutter to go.

Have any other good ones? Drop them below!


I know I have some first-time homebuyers out there, but where are my seasoned home buyers?

What advice would you give a first time home buyer?


🏡 Were you aware that Real Estate agents have their own texting acronyms?  😜


Selling your home For Sale By Owner (FSBO as it’s referred to in the Real Estate world) might seem like a way to save on paying a commission to a Real Estate Agent.

However, the data shows they’re actually losing on the amount they take home and that a Real Estate Agent actually is worth their commission. 

Here’s a little piece of the data I found – about 9 out of every 10 buyers are working with a professional Real Estate Agent. When selling a home on your own, you’re likely going to have to pay a buyer’s agent’s commission or you could miss out on a large pool of buyers.

That commission you’re going to pay is to someone who is going to use their experience to negotiate AGAINST you. They will use their experience in negotiation and contracts to negotiate another 3-5% off your list price. If you don’t give in to their negotiations the Real Estate Agent very well may take their clients elsewhere.

When working with a listing agent, you have a professional in negotiations who will work to defend YOUR sales price and preferred terms.

So, are you really saving on the commission when you sell your house on your own? 🧐


It’s one thing to fail and fail and fail again – it’s another to give up. You’ll never know how close you were to success if you give up.

As Dory would say, “Just keep swimming!” You got this. 🐟


After weeks of getting up early on the weekends and touring home after home, you found “The One”! You put an offer on the home, you’re officially “Under Contract” Wahoo!

🚩 Then the inspection report comes back…😳

This is something that happens often in the Real Estate world, but here are a few red flags that you can look for, in hopes to eliminate that crushing feeling of losing out on a home you thought was in tip-top condition.

🚩 Major cracks in the foundation, problems with doors closing, door frames not being perfectly rectangular, or walls or floors that seem to sag. 

🚩 Stains on the ceilings and/or walls. This could be a sign or mold or rot damage. 

🚩 Poor Drainage – Does the yard slope towards the house? If so, it could cause foundation issues. 

🚩 Poor Craftsmanship or DIY Projects 

🚩 Worn or Weathered Windows 

While these things may not signal an issue 100%, it’s always good to be aware of possible issues so you’re prepared for what could be on that inspection report. 


Is the market “cooling down”? 


💪 Where are all of my fitness gurus? 🏋️‍♀️ If you could only choose to have 2 of the above options in your at home gym, which two would you choose and why? 🏠 


If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, it’s important to understand why home prices may fluctuate.


Purchasing a new construction home may seem to have a long list of pros, but there are a few cons on there to be aware of, to see if it’s the right choice for you when buying a home. 

  • Pro: It’s brand new! One of the biggest benefits of freshly built homes is that everything is brand-spanking-new and no one else has lived in it prior to you.
  • Pro: You can customize your home based on your wants and needs.
  • Pro: They’re energy efficient so you’ll save money over time on evergy costs.
  • Pro: Everything is brand new, so there aren’t any new projects or surprises that will pop up when it comes to maintenance. If something does happen, your builder likely has a warranty to cover the repairs. 
  • Con: Longer timeline to move in.
  • Con: Higher costs with new building materials, options and possible upgrades.
  • Con: Design Overwhelm – too many options can be overwhelming to choose for an entire house.
  • Con: Limited negotiating power. Builders tend to have their own contracts to protect them. This means if you don’t agree with something in the contract, you can take it or leave it. 


What’s your guess?


More than a third of recent movers say it’s harder to find a house than a spouse…Just sayin’. 😜


🚨 Trend Alert for 2022 🚨

Breezy Fabrics – While we usually associate breezy fabrics with spring or summer, this is a trend you can keep year-round.

A throw blanket made of a lighter material like linen to throw on the couch or some sheer curtains, are easy ways to incorporate this breezy feel in your home.


Things I trust more than a “Zestimate”…


Are you ready to build wealth through one of the greatest investment in life that will in turn, increase your net worth? 

Let’s chat about how we can accomplish your Real Estate goals. 📲


While you’re perusing the internet at the wee hours of the night, admiring those homes for sale, just remember – it’s never too late to move. 😉

P.S – If you’re browsing online, I can make the searching easier for you and give you access directly to the MLS. 😁


Thanks to Pinterest, I’m pretty sure we have all had thoughts on renovating the back patio, kids rooms, the hallway, the kitchen, & build a guest house in the backyard with a pool. 😂

If you had to choose only 1 area, what would be #1 on your list to renovate? 


ICYDK (In Case You Didn’t Know) I’m a Real Estate Agent & I love what I do! 🏠

Looking to buy, sell, or invest in Real Estate? I’m your gal!