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christmas set 1 & captions

You can customize them below or click HERE to download both sets as they are. 

POLL:  What kind of 🎄 do you have? 

OPTIONS: Real | Fake

POLL:  Do you put all white lights or colorful lights on your home?

OPTIONS: White | Colorful

COMMENTS or “ADD YOURS”:  Where your stockings go if you don’t have a fireplace!


ADD TEXT: Share a photo!

POLL: Which is better?

OPTIONS: Hot Chocolate | Hot Cocoa

COMMENTS or QUESTIONS:  What is a holiday tradition that you hold dear to your heart?

QUESTIONS:  What is one thing he’s changing for you in your house?

Written in text “Let’s talk Elf on the Shelf!” 

POLL: Is this a thing at your house?


COMMENTS or “ADD YOURS”:  Share a photo of your favorite ornament!

POLL: Do you make Santa’s cookies or buy them?

OPTIONS: Buy | Make

QUESTIONS:  What room does your Christmas tree go in?

christmas set 2 & captions

COMMENTS/QUESTIONS: How does Santa get in if you don’t have a chimney?

POLL: Does Santa wrap his gifts that he leaves?


POLL: When do you put your tree up?

OPTIONS: Before Thanksgiving | After Thanksgiving

POLL: Where do you spend Christmas day?

OPTIONS: My House | Relatives

COMMENT/QUESTIONS: What is the #1 gift you want this year?

EMOJI SLIDE BAR (on IG):  How “done” are you with your shopping? 

Left – Haven’t Started 

Right – Completely Done

COMMENTS/QUESTIONS:  What do you love about the holidays?

POLL:  Do you mostly decorate the tree or the kiddos?

OPTIONS: Me! | Kiddos

POLL: Which tree would you sport in your home?



1. Remodeled Kitchen

2. Pool

3. Luxurious Patio


COMMENTS/ADD YOURS:  Where are you spending Christmas today?