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Landing Page & QR Code Request

One landing page is included with your Femme Boss Membership. We will create your landing page, host it, and publish it for you. All you need to do is fill out the info below. Use your landing page to get seller & buyer leads off of your automated posts! You’ll receive a QR code to put on your branded posts that links to your landing page so it’s on all of your automated posts. Put something like “Access Off Market Homes” if you’re focusing on buyer leads or  “Free Home Valuation” for seller leads.
You’re able to change your branding signature however often you’d like, so you could also do both! Sellers one week/month and buyers the other. You can scan the QR code to see what the landing page looks like on the example below or click the button to view the landing page.
You will receive your QR code via email within 3 business days. You will add it to your branding signature in the Femme Boss Scheduler & that’s it! Directions on how to do this are at femmebossempire.com/faq. 💕

Fill out the form below – Be sure to read the directions carefully and proof your text, once this is submitted, edits cannot be made. Your landing page will be published as is.